9737 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI

artisanal fare + communal dining

Zingerman's 7th annual Camp Bacon, a celebration of all things pork, is hitting the road this year for a very special Detroit jaunt.  They'll be touring the local food scene, culminating in a sit down dinner at our very favorite spot.....(revolver).  While this was originally scheduled as a private event for the tour group, we've decided to open up a second seating, so our (revolver) regulars have a chance to see what it's all about.  Detroit's own Lady of the House, Chef Kate Williams, will be preparing a nose-to-tail pork dinner, from a single pig she's breaking down herself.  And, yes, there's pork in the dessert.  Local sourcing > whole animal butchery > waste not, want not > joy to the world.  See ya there.

Zingerman's Camp Bacon 2016 with Chef Kate Williams

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

One Seating @ 9pm

$75 per person

(tax & non-alcoholic beverages included

cash tips welcome & appreciated)


with tomato jam, herb salad, pork fat aioli

-served on brioche toast-



with shaved chorizo, chive, caraway crumb



with roasted spring onion, crispy pork skin,

bacon fat - mint yogurt vinaigrette



with green garlic, shrimp & carrot confit,

preserved cherry



with egg jam, pork floss, lemon curd toast