9737 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI

artisanal fare + communal dining

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Ameneh Marhaba grew up immersed in two very different culinary cultures.  She was born and raised in her mother's homeland, the West African republic of Liberia, but also spent a portion of her childhood in her father's birthplace, Lebanon.  Her resulting cooking style is Liberian-heavy, with Lebanese elements sneaking in.  After relocating to Detroit, Ameneh was faced with the absolute lack of Liberian food available in the area, and promptly addressed the situation.  She created her cooking identity, Kitchen Ramarj, and has been amassing a healthy following over the past couple of years. What better place place to showcase her culinary skills than in our own cultural hotbed, Hamtramck.

- Kitchen Ramarj -
with Chef Ameneh Marhaba

Saturday, September 23rd @ 6pm & 9pm
Sunday, September 24th @ 6pm

$45 per guest
INCLUDED:  4 courses, sparkling water, sales tax
ADDITIONAL:  cash gratuity welcome & very much appreciated



- Tripoli Bites -
potato, bell pepper, zucchini, and squash
roasted in olive oil & served with Lebanese hummus

topped with feta & black olives

- Monrovia Wings -
Liberian-style chicken wings in exotic spices
slathered in a spicy peanut butter sauce

- Liberian Chuck Rice -
 with tender seasoned beef in a gravy of fresh vegetables & tomato
served with a side of plantains

- Traditional Banana Rice Bread -
served with a shot of authentic Liberian ginger beer

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