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artisanal fare + communal dining

photo: Jacob Lewkow for edibleWOW (killer cool food mag)

Michelle Donaldson has been at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement for well over a decade.  More like farm-to-table-to-farm.  She figured out how to complete the full circle.  From actually picking seeds for planting with farm partners, to purchasing whole animal carcasses for in-house nose-to-tail butchery, to returning table scraps to farms as feed and organic material.  It's thoughtful and ground-breaking, but it's also exactly how nature works around us every day.  And, therein lies her success, understanding the delicate balance of food production...and cooking delicious freaking food.  Michelle attended Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas, then snagged a position at the Wynn Hotel, literally a Michelin-rated breeding ground for notable chefs.  She then moved on to Tulsa, OK, for a healthy stint at SMOKE, under the tutelage of Executive Chef Erik Reynolds, where she found her voice.  As she puts it, "I learned how to translate what was in my head onto a plate".  Ready to run her own show, she signed on as opening Exec for Tulsa's highly-regarded Tallgrass Prairie Table, where she instilled her farm-to-table-no-waste philosophy and struck a culinary chord with folks.  She and her restaurant won everything from Best New Restaurant to Best Fine Dining to Best Chef every single year she was there.  Then came a 2-year stint as the OK State Ambassador to the other Michelle's White House Healthy Kids Initiative, helping educate young families on making healthy eating choices.  Life moved on, her focus changed, and earlier this year she packed up the family and moved to...Detroit.  Yes, she has a development on the horizon, which you'll hear about soon enough, but in the meantime, come get familiar with her signature style and abundant flavors, at (revolver).  She's created a special "Roots" menu inspired by all the life experiences that define her as a chef today.  Scroll down, read a little more, and solidify your plans for October 14th.

Chef Michelle Donaldson

Saturday, October 14th @ 6pm & 9pm
$50 per guest

INCLUDED:  5 courses, sparkling water, sales tax
ADDITIONAL:  cash gratuity welcome & very much appreciated

coal roasted sun chokes
heirloom tomato chow chow
sourdough crumb

gin and fennel cured "lox"
fermented ground cherries
spicy vegetable salad
black garlic whitefish sausage
kobucha squash and miso pot de creme
pickled peppercorns

jowl bacon fonduta
shiso pistou
sourdough crisp

farro, sour cherry, black walnut stuffing
port and poultry demi-glace
fine herbs

warm vanilla buttermilk
bitter orange sorbet
rosemary brittle

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