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 Across numerous cultures, Spring is marked with the celebration of rebirth and a new year. Join us for a celebration of spring across cultures as Peace Meal Kitchen, Tribalfare, and Warda Patisserie cook up 5 courses of meaningful dishes representing Persian [Norooz], Maharashtrian [Gudi Padwa], and Berber [Anekcum N Tefsut] traditions of holidays marking the coming of spring or a new year.


Celebrated across 11 different countries, this Persian holiday marks the beginning of the new year. Norooz (literally translated to New Day) begins on the first day of springs and lasts 13 days. Prior to the holiday spring-cleaning is completed and new clothes are worn at the time the clock strikes the new year. During the course of the 13 days families and close friends visit each other and the celebration ends with Sizdah Bedar on the thirteenth day where everyone gathers to picnic outside. As part of the celebration, a haft-seen spread is placed in the home, which includes 7 items that begin with with the letter S or "sin" in farsi. These items all represent elements of spring, rebirth, and prosperity for the new year.

Gudi Padwa

Celebrated in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Gudi Padwa is one of the most famous harvesting festivals of India that marks end of one season and beginning of a new one. The festivity is observed through people engaging in spring cleaning and wearing new clothes. Families are supposed to begin this day by eating bittersweet leaves of neem tree or a paste, which is prepared with neem leaves, jaggery and tamarind. The paste is believed to purify blood and strengthen the body’s immune system. Buying gold, a new vehicle or starting something new during this holiday is considered to bring prosperity.

Anekcum N Tefsut

A Berber celebration of spring, Anekum N Tefsut is celebrated in Algeria from February 28 and all throughout the month of March. Anekum N Tefsut [literally translated to Arrival of Spring] is marked by picnics, craft fairs and art. It is customary for relatives and friends to gather, cook together, and prepare together date pastries called Bradj as well as spring inspired couscous; made exclusively with local herbs and greens and dressed with local olive oil.

A Celebration of Spring with:

Peace Meal Kitchen
Warda Patisserie

Friday, March 31, 2017

Seatings @ 6 pm & 9 pm

$55 / per person / all-in pricing

[5 courses, sales tax, gratuity, sparkling water]

- First -

Algerian flatbread with three spreads

Spicy local greens with bulgar,
tomato chili chutney with cashew, yogurt
with spinach and crispy garlic

- Second -

Persian herbed frittata
Barberry, fresh herbs, spring onions

- Third -

Indian stuffed eggplant and chapati flatbread
Coconut, peanut, cilantro

- Fourth -

Persian herbed rice with white fish
Saffron, dill, citrus

- Fifth -
Saffron caramel custard with Algerian pistachio pastry
Soft caramel, cream, rose water

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