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Brandon Zarb arrived from South Carolina as a teenager, and immediately jumped into the local hospitality industry.  First washing dishes, then working in the bakery, at Royal Oak's Holiday Market.  (if the dish tank doesn't break you, nothing will)  With three years under his belt, he snagged a job working with (revolver) alum and good friend, Chef Jeremy Grandon, at Keego Harbor's Jeremy Restaurant & Bar.  Perseverence led him to the opening Sous Chef position at Cork Wine Pub, in Pleasant Ridge.  Then, he decided to make things official.  He enrolled at Schoolcraft college, eventually earning a dual degree in pastry & culinary arts.  Armed with new skills and systems, Brandon tackled the opening Chef de Cuisine position at Southfield's heralded Gastronomy.  But, a true chef never stops learning.  There is no end game.  So, Brandon moved to Chicago for some world-class kitchen education.  Henri, Gage, Publican, Dove's, Big Star.  True culinary proving grounds.  While in Chicago, he competed in the international Chaine de Rotisseurs "Best Young Chef" competition, placing 2nd in the U.S.  So, Chicago served it's purpose.  Brandon was ready to head home.  Back in Detroit, Ferndale's Public House & Imperial were searching for a new Exec.  Brandon jumped at the chance, reworked their menus, and settled in.  First came a ridiculously popular weekend brunch menu at Public House.  Then, he proposed the owners a monthly menu takeover, where he'd get creative and cook outside the norm.  Well, it became another wildly successful mainstay.   But, don't blink.  As goes the restaurant biz, things are getting switched up a bit.  Brandon is unexpectedly moving on to new endeavors, detailed recently in the Detroit Free Press by the Holy Gourmand on the Mountain, Mark Kurlyandchik.  
What better time to get some quality (revolver) time in?  
So, join us for "Chef Brandon Zarb Sets Sail".  
A celebration of the sea...and a nod to new destinations.  

of Ferndale's Public House & Imperial

Friday, August 24th @ 6pm & 9pm
Saturday, August 25th @ 6pm & 9pm
Sunday, August 26th @ 6pm

$55 per guest
INCLUDED:  all food, sparkling water, sales tax
ADDITIONAL:  cash gratuity welcome & very much appreciated

Norway Lobster / Apple Dashi / Hearts of Palm / Wasabi

My first raw langoustine was at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and I've been chasing that dragon ever since. Drawing inspiration from the market stalls themselves, I complemented it with wasabi and a bright, sour dashi.”

Uni Butter / Smoked Salt

Radishes with butter is one of those timeless dishes that you should never, ever attempt to improve upon. So I added uni to it.”

White Grape / Heirloom Tomato / Ice Wine Vinegar

Octopus and tomatoes both take on olive oil and vinegar extraordinarily well. This octopus is going to be cooked, pressed, rolled, and shaved very thin in the style of carpaccio.”

Alaskan King Crab / Preserved Lemon / Aleppo Chili

I'm a little obsessed with king crab at the moment. Besides the fact that it tastes great in everything, I'm finding that its even more flavorful when served gently warmed. In this course I used the flavor profile of a mexican elote as inspiration.”

White Miso / Tahini / Chinese Broccoli

Wild-caught salmon is one of the most beautiful and delicious fish found in North America. My primary goal as a chef is to simply not fuck it up, and keep things very simple. The sauce does lend a little richness to compensate for the lower fat content found in wild salmon.”

Ikura / Passion Fruit / Rice Pearl

This is a fun dish that's been in my head for years. Keeping with the all seafood theme, I went bold and built a dessert around salmon roe (Ikura). The flavor of the panna cotta and the saltiness of the roe work surprisingly well together, not unlike sea salt on chocolate."

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