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  Byron Hogan got his first taste of the hospitality biz as a teenager in Birmingham, Michigan.  Food running evolved into prep cooking, as it sometimes does, and the blueprint was set.  A move to L.A. saw his transition into fine dining, where he worked alongside Chef Chris Kidder, of Campanile fame, at Literati II.  On to NYC, where he snagged an opportunity to cook at 2-Michelin-star-rated Gilt.  With plenty big-city experience under his belt, Byron moved on to Spain to work at Restaurante Choco under famed Chef Rodrigo de la Calle, creator of Gastrobotanica, a culinary movement focusing on the use of forgotten and previously unknown vegetables.  Then came the chance to head the kitchen at the United States Embassy & Consulate In Madrid,  Spain, during the tenure of Ambassador James Costos.  There, he would prepare dinners for visiting heads of state, including President Barack Obama.  In demand for his international experience and focus on seasonality & local sourcing, he's recently ventured into freelance work, consulting for major restaurants in Madrid.  He's visiting family in the Detroit area, and, as chefs do, working...for you...only at (revolver).

of the U.S. Embassy & Consulate, Madrid, Spain

✦One Night Only✦
Friday, August 17th @ 6pm & 9pm

$55 per guest
INCLUDED:  all food, sparkling water, sales tax
ADDITIONAL:  cash gratuity welcome & very much appreciated

Leek Ash Crostini / Brandywine Tomatoes / Dill

"Mazamorra is a dish that comes from the south of Spain, in Andalucia. It was taught to me by a mentor of mine down in Cordoba, and i will use it in a way that honors the dish but also allows it to take on new flavors and ingredients."

Little Neck Clams / Goat's Butter Sabayon / Nut Crumble

"Gazpacho is something I have made time and time again.  I wanted to add a different twist to it with smoke, Umami, and rich flavors such as goat's butter and nuts to give it a really rich feel, but also texture with the nut crumble.

White Peaches / Cucumber / Parsley

"This started out as a dish I came up with by being at the market in a pueblo in Mallorca called Caimari and just seeing all the beautiful ingredients laid out before me.  I picked what was at the height of the season and just put it together."

Wild Arugula / Corn / Pickled Plum

"At the Embassy, I made fresh sausages whenever guests came in to visit Ambassador Costos, including President Obama.  This is one of my favorite to make, and it pairs well with the spiciness of the wild arugula and the sweetness of the corn"

Nectarines / Lavender Milk Curd / Fennel Granita

"The flavors of lemon, lavender, nectarine, and fennel are something I always have on my mind, especially when making a dessert.  Here, the play on flavor, texture, and temperature make the dish."

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