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 Group With Dead Wolf, John Keane, 1988 - DIA Contemporary Gallery

Group With Dead Wolf, John Keane, 1988 - DIA Contemporary Gallery

You know what every single person you know wants for Christmas, Valentine's Day, graduation, retirement, their birthday, their anniversary, in their Halloween bag, in their Easter basket, or as a bribe?  A gift certificate for deliciousness at (revolver).  Husbands, wives, sons, daughters, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, employees, co-workers, and concubines, alike, love (revolver) and want to eat here more than you can imagine.  We offer handy, dandy digital gift codes that you can email or write on the cutest kitten card you can find.  (physical gift cards coming soonish)  They're good toward the purchase price of any dinner, with no restrictions, and never, ever expire.  Even if we go out of business someday, and you still have an unused (revolver) gift cert, we'll take you out to dinner, get drunk, cry on your shoulder, and pass out in your car.  That right there is the best guarantee in the hospitality biz.

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Our gift certs can now carry over balances,
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