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artisanal fare + communal dining

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Chef MyThy Huynh is a bit of a riddle.
ER nurse by day (or night, depending on her schedule),
lauded chef by night (or day, depending on her schedule...just go with it)
Of Vietnamese & Chinese heritage, MyThy (pronounced Mighty)
creates some of the loveliest/most flavorful food you've ever seen/tasted.
For example
Like I said
You may already know her, as one of the 24k+ followers of mightinthemitten, her influential online alter ego. Or, maybe you've already tasted her food at one of her appearances at the likes of Mabel Gray, Ann Arbor's Miss Kim, Detroit's Gather, or Chef Luciano DelSignore's Bigalora Southfield. Mind you, these aren't restaurants you just walk into and cook, and they certainly aren't your traditional popup venues. They're respected restaurants, with respected chefs, who've requested MyThy's notable skills in their kitchens. Kind of like what we're doing here.
(revolver): "Hey, MyThy."
MyThy: "Hey."
(revolver): "Wanna come cook?"
MyThy: "Yes."
(revolver): "Okay."
And, it's as easy as that, friends. Sometimes chefs and restaurants are just plain meant to be together. So, come join us for Bò 7 Món, MyThy's delicious take on Vietnamese Beef 7 Ways. The perfect melding of the almighty meat and the freshest of Vietnamese herbs and veggies. Sincerely, don't pause for a second on this one. MyThy has way too many fans, and you might get caught in the stampede for tickets.

Bò 7 Món
- Vietnamese Beef 7 Ways -
with Chef MyThy Huynh

Friday, September 20th @ 6pm & 9pm
Saturday, September 21st @ 5pm & 8pm

$50 per guest
INCLUDED: all food, sparkling water, sales tax
ADDITIONAL: cash gratuity welcome & very much appreciated

-served friends & family style -
- all courses served with an assortment of
vietnamese herbs, lettuce, and spring roll paper for wrapping -

Gỏi Bò
pickled carrots, pickled daikon, and celery salad
with thin strips of beef in nước mắm vinaigrette

Bò Chả Đùm
spiced steamed ground beef patties
with peanuts, mushrooms, and peas
served with shrimp chips

Bò Nhúng Dấm
thin sliced tenderloin cooked in a vinegar fondue

Bò Nướng Mỡ Chài
charcoal grilled 5-spice beef sausages with garlic & peanuts

Bò Nứơng Sả
grilled tenderloin steak rolls with shallots & lemongrass

Bò Lá Lốt
charcoal grilled beef wrapped in wild betel leaf

Cháo Bò
beef congee topped with cilantro & green onions


Kem Xôi Xoài
mango sticky rice coconut ice cream
with sweet & salty sesame peanuts and corn cookie crumble

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