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"I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but raised by my grandparents in a small town on the mountainside of the Westmoreland parish called Darliston. My grandparents raised basically all of their grandchildren, so at any given time there were 6 or more children in their care. They owned their own farm, so food was never an issue, even when money was. My grandmother never believed in purchasing canned or prepacked items.  So, fresh and clean eating was the norm. In my eyes, she made miracles in the kitchen.  Being the youngest, on her coat tail at all times, i just soaked it all up.  I have fond memories of my grandmother singing in her high soprano tone while cooking to feed us all. I remember cooking my grandmothers flowers and vegetables, not yet ready for harvest, on fires not yet extinguished.  I remember getting into trouble for always pulling the ripe cherries off the tree to do what my grandma referred to as "play-play cooking".  When i was old enough and strong enough, I would climb up the side of the house to the roof and pick the biggest and best mangoes and avocados to do my "illegal cooking"" and would sometimes get a switch to my hind parts for it.  I have an uncle who would come to visit me no matter where i was.  He was the chef of major cruise line, but also worked at a well-known local restaurant, when not at sea.  He would pick me up and take me to work with him and my mind would be blown by what amazing things they would do with food.  Great cooks seem to run in the family on both my mother and father's side.  My food represents all of this and more." 

6 Classic Jamaican Courses with
Chef Reniel Billups

Friday, January 18th @ 6pm
Saturday, January 19th @ 6pm
Sunday, January 20th @ 6pm

$50 per guest
INCLUDED:  all food, sparkling water, sales tax
ADDITIONAL:  cash gratuity welcome & very much appreciated

Curried Kale Salad
beets, carrots, peppers, onions
tossed in ginger tamarind dressing
 topped with curry-roasted almonds

Escoviche Sprat & Festival
crispy fried sardines 
marinated with habañero-pickled vegetables
served with a sweet fried dough

Run Down & Tun Cormeal 
smoked mackerel stew
with coconut cream, peppers, onions, thyme, and tomato 
served with a porridge of cormeal, herbs and spices 

Red Peas Soup
with irish potato, carrots, pumpkin, thyme,
cho-cho, yellow & white yam, salt beef 

Curry Bakri
curried goat leg
stewed with potato, onion, thyme, garlic,
and jamaican white rum
served atop rice and gang peas 

Blue Draws
cassava, cornmeal, coconut cream, coconut meat, and raisins
wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled

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